Village Meal at Kilifi Creek

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No matter how many times you go on a village meal in any part of Africa, every time it is unique, the reason being you are going to a local villager’s house.  On a recent Kenya Safari to Kilifi Creek , we booked up for a village meal in Kilifi and late afternoon we were guided up to the village along the sandy paths, generally only frequented by donkey carts.  Upon arrival at our host’s house we were shown around and made to feel very welcome before we were seated.  The views from the garden area were breath-taking as we overlooked the Kilifi Creek.  The sun was just setting and left a huge gold strip of light across the water.  Drinks were circulated, small plastic cups holding a refreshing local brew of Palm Wine, this to be sucked up through a specially designed straw.  Once the sun had set the crickets soon began to fill the night sky with their melodious harmony.

We continued to sit outside in a beautiful tropical garden, under the canopy of a giant Neem Tree, the dark night sky was filled with a million sparkling stars and it was so serene.  Dinner arrived and our host described each dish to us, some familiar and some new to us.  The food was totally delicious, fresh salads, chapattis, bbq chicken, coconut rice, local spinach leaves and ugali (maize meal).  We all tucked into the food, savouring each mouthful of it, it was so fresh and bursting with flavour.  Once the plates were cleared our host soon began to share many stories of village life with us and we listened intently to his account of what it was like to live here.  As it got late we were escorted back along the sandy path, the only light to guide the way was the moon, the stars and a small torch.  As we arrived safely back at our accommodation we all agreed that this was a wonderful evening, not to be missed on any Kenya Safari, no matter how many times you have been before.

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