Natural approach has been key to health

People usually get chiropractic care for low back pain and neck pain. But recent studies show that more patients are seeing chiropractors for their headaches. In recent years chiropractors have seen more headaches patients at their office than classic low back or neck pain patients. My mother started seeing a Chiropractor 2 years ago for the headaches she was suffering from and now she is headache free. She had been suffering from those headaches for at least twenty two years. Now she goes to her chiropractor for regular checkup but she doesn't suffer from the headaches she used to before. She really loves the natural approach chiropractic care takes for treatment.  I think she is the biggest advocate for chiropractic care and headaches. She has told everyone in our family to see a chiropractor for treatment of their headaches. I think it is great that people are getting relief from headaches with chiropractic treatment because now they don't have to take some of the drugs that are used to treat headaches.

In recent times she also has become an advocate for that chiropractor for his weight loss program.  The chiropractor she goes to has started a weight loss program which she personally has tried and lost 32lbs on it.  She never thought she would lose any weight but the trust he has built with her from her past condition, she did it and it was the best thing she did for her.  She describes the Weight Loss program very easy to do.  She says that if someone has 10 minutes for a day then they can do his program.  The ten minutes you do use are not for exercise or anything.  It’s just to monitor what you are doing or eating nothing out of ordinary.  I am actually going to his office next week to get a consultation for my weight problems.

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