Laptop Repair – Is It Always Necessary to Repair a Faulty Touchpad?

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Most laptops have a touchpad that provides the full functionality of a traditional PC mouse. However, it often malfunctions either partially, or occasionally it will fail . The simple answer when it fails is to connect a USB mouse and use the laptop computer without the touchpad. Even after connecting a USB mouse the pointer will sometimes randomly move on the screen because the touchpad is still partly operating. The best solution is to disable or turn off the touchpad; there's ways to do this.

Plenty of laptops use a function key designed to enable and disable the touchpad. Most use the Fn key and the F8 key to do this. If this does not work along with your laptop computer look on the key legends of the function keys for what looks like a pointing finger; this is usually the key to press along with the Fn key. However, other laptops have a tiny switch either on the side or the palm remainder of the case.

If your laptop computer seems not to have a touchpad disable key or switch, then you can permanently disable it from the Control Panel of Windows. To disable click on the Start Menu and pick Control Panel, click two times on Mouse, click on Tool Settings, and click on Disable. Finally click on OK and the touchpad will now be disabled.

If the touchpad operates correctly most of the time but occasionally twitches or moves the pointer a few pixels, then there is application that may save you using a USB mouse when word processing.

Touchfreeze is a free utility that you can download and install on your laptop computer. It is a tiny program that is simple to put in and configure. Touchfreeze disables the touchpad only when you are using the keyboard, it's no effect on most touchpad movements and button clicks, etc. so won't affect the normal operation of the laptop computer. It helps overcome the annoying issues associated with a defective touchpad; when using a word processor the pointer jumps to a different line or word, and you continue typing without noticing this until you check the text. For more help visit Laptop repair toronto.

The actions you take to overcome a defective touchpad depend of the way you use your laptop computer. In case you always use your laptop computer in a fixed place on a table, for example, then you may find that a USB mouse is acceptable on a regular basis. However, in case you primarily use your laptop computer on the move, you most likely do not have space for a USB mouse so will either need the touchpad replaced or repaired. For more help visit computer repair toronto.

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