Homemade Chips – Tasty and Easy To Make

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Step 1. Make sure you have everything you need before starting. You should have potateos, a deep fat fryer and olive oil.

Step 2.Prepare your potatoes. Before this it is important to heat up your Deep Fat Fryer so by the time you have the potatoes cut you will be ready to go. Use a sharp knife or a potatoe peeler to cut your potatoes. Cut them at whatever thickness you prefer. 

Step 3. Once your potatoes are ready it is time to put them gentley into the deep fat fryer to avoid any splash back of the hot oil.

Step 4. Whilst the chips are cooking get a bowl and put some kitchen towel in it to soak up any excess oil that will be left on the chips. This is important as you don't want your chips to be too oily to ruin the taste but also because the oil is not particularly good for you. 

Step 5. The fun part! Once your fries have turned golden around the edges it means they are done. Take your fries out and put them in the bowl with the kitchen towel. I recommend putting some salt, ketchup or mayo with these or whatever sauces you enjoy! 

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