Digital Transcription Has Made Working from Home Easier

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If you want a career in transcription, you no longer need to get a full time job in a company. Digital transcription lets you work part time from home. With the help of the internet, it is possible to even catch hold of your own clients and start your own digital transcription business. You can provide services to clients no matter where they are located.

Digital transcription simply eliminates the use of cassettes and tapes. In olden days, before the advent of internet, cassettes and tapes containing the audio to be transcribed had to be mailed to the transcription company or the transcriptionist. Nowadays, audio recordings are simply stored in the form of digital files. A client simply needs to send over the audio file to the service provider through email. If the files are too large to be sent through email, FTP and other file sharing technologies and protocols are available for transfer of files.

As a digital transcription service provider, all you need is a good computer along with decent headphones. You may need an internet connection to download the files sent to you by the client and also to sent the transcripts back to the client. Nowadays, there are free software programs available which help in the process of transcription.

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