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Remove Windows Easy Supervisor – Windows Easy Supervisor Virus Removal Instruction

Written by editor on March 13, 2015 Categories: Computers Tags: ,

What is Windows Easy Supervisor? Is it Legit? Windows Easy Supervisor is known to be a rogue associated with the fake Microsoft Security Essentials infection family. Windows Easy Supervisor frightens computer users by providing many alerts about the multiple instabilities and Trojans. The alert may comes like this: Microsoft Security Essentials Alert Potential Threat Details […]

Laptop Repair – Is It Always Necessary to Repair a Faulty Touchpad?

Written by editor on February 10, 2015 Categories: Computers Tags: , , ,

Most laptops have a touchpad that provides the full functionality of a traditional PC mouse. However, it often malfunctions either partially, or occasionally it will fail . The simple answer when it fails is to connect a USB mouse and use the laptop computer without the touchpad. Even after connecting a USB mouse the pointer […]